Professional Synopsis

Lead Software Engineer, BigCommerce; San Francisco, CA — 2018-Present

  • Developer tooling project lead responsible for providing privileged access to resources and systems using a blend of custom tooling and Teleport
  • Core member of infrastructure team responsible for migration from on-prem infra to Google Cloud made possible by Puppet and Terraform, mainly.
  • SME for HA, object storage system written in Go, backed by major cloud provider storage systems managing several petabytes of data for customers on BigCommerce’s platform.
  • Led several developer efficiency initiatives involving security, container orchestration tooling and access/enablement.
  • Dedicated open source project time for various Hashicorp toolsets such as Nomad, Terraform and Gravitational’s Teleport

Keywords: AWS, Google Cloud, MySQL, Terraform, Puppet, Ruby, Redis, ElasticSearch, Docker, Consul, Nomad, HA Proxy, Java 8, Groovy, Go, Teleport

Senior Software Engineer, INSIKT (now aura); San Francisco, CA — 2017-2018

  • Led re-platforming efforts to Kubernetes; responsible for cluster creation and management via kops, tooling and development lifecycle capabilities w/ Helm, training and developer on-boarding materials
  • Introduced, designed, POCed, and developed real-time face processing system used to reduce applicant fraud and reduce operational costs / manual procedures. The system leveraged commodity graph systems and integrated with AWS Rekognition for facial processing and scoring which served as a critical input to downstream business systems.
  • Introduced and oversaw efforts to migrate towards Infrastructure as Code w/ Terraform and Ansible

Keywords: AWS Rekognition, Spring Boot, Guava, Google Guice, Redis, Mongo, PostgreSQL, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Helm, React, Zuul, AWS API Gateway, Terraform

Lead Software Engineer, SimplyTapp; San Francisco, CA — 2016-2017

  • Responsible for all cloud infrastructure and architecture on AWS
  • Led efforts to gain total Infrastructure as Code coverage via Terraform and Ansible
  • Designed and oversaw development efforts in key backend systems for tasks such as custom, tracked URL shortening, geospatial data design and APIs
  • Implemented recommended security policies and procedures including highly fortified edge interfaces, restrictive internal networking topologies, logging, and VPN tunneling
  • Implemented deployment strategies allowing for zero down time, push-button rolling deployments
  • Provided advisory and triage support, typically around excessive load on shared services and persistence stores

Keywords: AWS RDS, EC2, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, ELB, S3, Route 53, VPC, ASG, Lambda, Elasticache, Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Git, Github, Vagrant, Spring, Tomcat, Java 8, Groovy, nginx, Ubuntu Linux, OpenVPN

Technical Director, ICF Olson (now ICF Next); San Francisco, CA — 2014-2016

  • Led technical responses to RFPs w/ other sales engineers within the organization
  • Developed and led coding boot camps, including creation of curriculum and training material
  • Advised a major gaming brand and a large research institution through their technical challenges with AEM, service integrations, performance considerations, and cloud architecture best practices
  • Evangelized ICF Olson open source tooling for existing and potential client engineers
  • Oversaw technical design and delivery of backend service development for a major enterprise manufacturer, including: ERP resource integration with AEM; custom Digital Asset Management tracking and authorization systems based on CRM integrations; and custom SAML, caching, and authorization with Akamai
  • Organized and led late-stage project “strike team” aimed at resolving AEM cluster performance issues, integration with external-agency REST APIs, and ETL data flows for a real estate investment trust

Brands: Zebra Technologies, Sony Playstation, University of Buffalo, General Growth Properties

Keywords: AWS IoT, Lambda, API Gateway, Cloudformation, SAML, SSO, Ratpack, Hystrix, RxJava, New Relic, Square Retrofit, Hikari, Dropwizard, Java 8, Groovy, Akamai, CDN, Google Guice, AEM 6.2, Swagger

Lead Software Engineer, ICF Olson (now ICF Next); San Francisco, CA — 2014

  • Provided cloud infrastructure and engineering advisory services to two large, national sporting organizations aimed at reducing cost, downtime, delivery lifecycle timelines, and increasing performance
  • Led backend, infrastructure development for geospatial-based mobile app for global tech marketing firm
  • Executed cloud cost analysis, ultimately resulting in departure from Heroku to AWS
  • Conducted spikes reviewing geospatial engine performance against: ElasticSearch, Mongo, Postgres (w/ GIS), RethinkDB, and Redis based on expected usage, query patterns
  • Planned and implemented AWS Architecture of multi-zone PlayFramework, Mongo-backed REST APIs
  • Developed mobile routes in Ionic v1
  • Implemented performance tracking, reporting, and ultimately tuning of app and persistent store systems

Brands: Pitney Bowes, NASCAR, PGA Tour

Keywords: Ubuntu, Heroku, Mongo, PlayFramework, Ionic v1, Redis, Java 8, AEM 6.1

Lead Software Engineer, CITYTECH, Inc.; Chicago, IL / San Francisco, CA — 2010-2014

  • Managed teams of 4-8 engineers and oversaw technical architecture and delivery of public-facing web sites and applications atop Java-based Adobe Enterprise Manager (AEM)
  • Led efforts to identify common developer patterns, client requirements, and to develop open source libraries aimed at gaining efficiencies (e.g., OSGi Service Monitoring and the un-released Canary Framework)
  • Led backend development efforts for a large association including:
  • Integration with custom e-commerce systems via direct SQL, Hibernate, and RESTful interfaces
  • Custom-paid content authentication and authorization systems
  • Custom data storage, synchronization, and indexing for member directories
  • Provided cloud architecture advisory services (e.g., topology, service dependency recommendations, and security) for an industrial parts manufacturer and enterprise manufacturer
  • Led architecture and development for a global tech marketing firm
  • Responsive component design and customization
  • Integration with external data providers and downstream data consumers with focus on resiliency
  • Spring integration and custom dependency injection bridges allowing for bi-directional pathways to the OSGi service/component ecosystem
  • Designed and developed rule based A/B traffic routing and reporting systems, traffic shaping and re-direction, and caching layers responsible for interacting with edge cached single-page applications, allowing for the migration of all revenue generating USPS-based apps and web endpoints to AEM
  • Back office CRUD interfaces and dynamic business rules for USPS Change of Address business product
  • Led responsive web delivery and e-commerce integration efforts for an international semiconductor manufacturer, enabling more efficient product roll outs
  • Developed Mobile REST API and cloud architecture design for a cable news organization

Brands: American Bar Association, Zebra Technologies, Intel, Graco, Pitney Bowes, and Al Jazeera America

Keywords: Adobe AEM, CQ, Hystrix, Google Guava, Java 6, Java 7, Hibernate, Spring, Apache Sling, Apache Jackrabbit, Mongo, Groovy, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian Bamboo, Git, Github, SVN, RHEL Linux, Ubuntu Linux

Senior Software Engineer, WMS Gaming; Chicago, IL — 2009-2010

  • Worked in R&D, conducting rapid prototyping of games in Flash, ActionScript 3, C, and Java in coordination with in-house studios and hardware development teams
  • Led development of Java/JS messaging frameworks for simulated network / linked game play
  • Spearheaded best-practice discussions, formal documentation, and guides on AS3 / Java development
  • Oversaw systems, network design, engineering, support while traveling for large trade shows and expos, including the flagship R&D demo event of the year; the Global Gaming Expo

Keywords: PostgresSQL, Java, Spring AS, JavaScript, Box2D

Senior Software Engineer, FreightZone; Chicago, IL — 2008-2009

  • Championed coding best practices, design pattern usage, and general refactoring efforts on an inherited code base to improve developer productivity and performance
  • Developed document upload, OCR, and signing functionality in the Struts 2 / JBoss / MySQL based SaaS product offering
  • Implemented systems engineering, resiliency, security, and disaster recovery best practices and procedures

Keywords: JBoss, EJB, Struts 2, YUI, MySQL

Senior Consultant, Acquity Group (Accenture Interactive); Chicago, IL — 2006-2008

  • Developed front and backend components and services for various e-commerce clients
  • Oversaw design of product catalogs, structure, and developed managed ETL flows from data warehouse providers into Java-based Blue Martini
  • Developed integrations on a custom, JBoss-based service bus, responsible for integration with VISA’s CyberSource, client clearinghouses, and warehouse back offices
  • Led effort to migrate all managed clients across data centers with near zero downtime

Brands: LeapFrog Enterprises, Burton Snowboards, Badcock Home Furnishings

Keywords: JBoss, Weblogic, Blue Martini, Oracle, RHEL

Volunteer Experience

  • AIDS Lifecycle Fundraiser, SF to LA Rider in 2014 (
  • AIDS Lifecycle Fundraiser, SF to LA Rider in 2015
  • BAAAHS, Lighting and Tech Systems Lead 2017-2018 (
  • Redesigned server architecture and established Infrastructure as Code required to convert commodity hardware to servers
  • Performance, usage, and best practices modifications to the lighting control codebase
  • R&D of “beat tracking” influencing shows based on DJ controlled audio playback
  • BAAAHS, Network and Server Infra Lead 2019
  • Responsible for large network rollout of various node types (about 200) on-playa as part of the light project large scale re-architecture.

Education and Certifications

  • Adobe Systems – AEM 6 Architect, 2015
  • Adobe Systems – AEM 5.6 Developer Certification, 2012
  • Southern Illinois University — Bachelors, Computer Science, 2005