A bit about me...


This is my little corner of the world that I use to write about mostly technical things. I have a broad range of technical interests I write on here ranging from things that are Dev Ops related to Software Engineering systems. Occasionally I’ll write about financial or political or transportation (cyling) related things. I tend to focus on problem spaces around the structure and analysis of data and data systems, sometimes of the geospatial variety.

Born and raised in the midwest (outside Chicago), I have a great fondness for the outdoors and enjoy spending as much time outside as possible. I’m interested in creative, interactive spaces, in particular those in workplace, social, and therapeutic settings. I value humility, creativity, generosity, and empathy in all creates and systems I interact with.

I live in San Francisco with a few human-sized cats and my partner Jason.

You can find me on most platforms @durbinjo593.