BAAAHS Light Programming Introduction

We’re less than 4 weeks out to gate open at Burning Man and tons of folks in the BAAAHS community have asked how they can write shows for the sheep. This will be a whirlwind walk through of the lights infrastructure and software architecture. First off, I highly recommend reading overview I gave last of year of how the hardware is setup and how everything fits together. This is inteded to be a fairly technical, hands on walk through, and does require some basic knowledge of programming.
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BAAAHS Lighting Controller Development

The Big Ass Amazing Awesome Homosexual Sheep (BAAAHS) is a well known fuzzy entity in the Bay Area queer maker and burner space. BAAAHS garners attention with its peacock-like bedazzling light shows, light beacons, earth-shattering beats, and two-story dance and lounge spaces. Oh. And a pool slide. I can’t forget that pool slide! 2016 was my first year burning with BAAAHS. In 2016 we set out to complete an ambitious number of new structural changes to Pearl (BAAAHS’ other gendered daytime name).
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BAAAHS Lights: An overview

BAAAHS, the Big Ass Amazing Awesome Homosexual Sheep, is known for its beats, its jaw dropping appearance, and its grand entrance. This will cover its bedazzling light shows and how they happen! Intro BAAAHS nighttime illumination is made possible by roughly 140 skin panels, outlined with LEDs in tubes and sharpies that function as its eyes. BAAAHS’ server aims to give producers/DJs some amount of live influence over pre-programmed shows while they execute.
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